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You can trial Markbook Online by registering an account in the name of your school and entering your details as a user. You and the staff at your school can trial the markbook for free for up to 90 days.

  • Please be sure to enter your correct email address because it is used for password recovery.

Enter your details to register and begin using Markbook Online immediately.

School name: Your name and the school name should be your real name and the school you work at. To help prevent spam registrations, an account with an invalid school name will be deleted. The login name is yours only and should be letters, numerals and periods only and the password at least 8 characters long. The email address is required in case you forget your password. We hate spam as much as you, so these details will never be used outside of Markbook Online, or passed onto any third party.
SM-Marks: Turn on if your school currently uses SM-Marks
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