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SM-Reports is now online. SM-Reports Online is the new way to work with reports totally from within your web browser. If you have access to Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox and an active internet connection then you can do your reports anywhere and without installation.

  • This means you can use SM-Reports Online on any netbook or computer, and most importantly no more work files. Everything is stored online so there is nothing to sync, update or lose.

By registering with the button below you can start a SM-Reports Online trial today. Login and upload your existing templates and data to see how it works. After registering you can add more teachers from your school to the trial by setting up login names for them to use.


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SM-Reports Online?.
Are you a SM-Reports administrator? Get a login name and setup SM-Reports Online for your school. Teachers and administrators, click to login once you have a user name and password.




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