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Do I need to install anything in my browser or on my computer?
Markbook Online does not require any plugins or special downloads. It works with all standard browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Other browsers such as Internet Explorer with JavaScript enabled can also run Markbook Online, and cookies are not required.

Can I use Markbook Online from my iPad or Android tablet?
Yes, Markbook Online works with tablet and touch based computers. You can even use it from an iPhone if you need to, in that case the interface is simplified for the small screen, but you can still do common actions such as adding and editing results.

What is the importance of the SM-Marks option during the registration?
If you currently use SM-Marks turning this option on ensures that the commands and help mostly closely match the markbook you are using now. If you don't use SM-Marks, or use another markbook such as Teacher's Personal Markbook leave this option off.

How much does Markbook Online cost?
To continue using Markbook Online after the free 90 day trial requires a yearly subscription. The annual subscription starts from a base of $360 plus $2 per teacher (not including GST) each year. For example, at a school of 80 teachers the annual cost is $360 + $2 x 80 = $520 (plus GST). For this low cost, at a school of that size all teachers have a login name and password to continue using Markbook Online after the trial ends.

Do you have videos showing Markbook Online in action?
Yes, there are screencasts on our YouTube channel. New videos are added regularly and these can also be accessed from the Help menu of Markbook Online. The videos do not replace the documentation, but supplement the 10 Minute Guides and the Help pages.

Where are my markbooks stored?
Your markbooks are stored remotely on servers located here is Australia. Local hosting means fast response times. Regular backups are made of all markbooks and each markbook that you store can only be accessed by yourself and users at your school who you choose share it with.

Why doesn't Markbook Online look and work exactly like SM-Marks?
As a browser application (not using a terminal server to emulate the desktop) there are differences in the user interface when compared to a desktop based markbook. Even so, all the calculation types of SM-Marks are available in Markbook Online and work identically. The organisation of the commands in Markbook Online is largely similar to make most actions familiar.

I am the school network administrator, will Markbook Online be an administration headache?
With no installation, after you have added the user names to the school there is no administration. Teachers control their own markbooks and do account administration themselves, including resetting a forgotten password, without requiring your assistance.

How can I find out more about Markbook Online?
Click here for a 4 page PDF describing more of the benefits of Markbook Online. If you have any questions, we're ready to answer them. Please send an email to and allow up to 36 hours for a reply, depending on when your message is sent. Most answers will be quicker than this, but outside of business hours and during holiday periods there may be a delay.

During registration a message says the login name has already been taken.
The login name must be unique across all users of Markbook Online, so it is possible that the login name you choose has been assigned to another user. In that case you will need to pick another name, it does not need to be your own name, but can be any alias you find convenient.

During registration a message says the school name has already been registered.
A school name can only be registered once in Markbook Online. If you see this message it means another staff member at your school has already registered. That person can add you as a user of Markbook Online at your school. If your school may have been registered in error, or you need to know who registered, please contact support:


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